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Tournament Schedules can be found under the Festival/Tournament Information tab.
They will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

Snack Schedules: 
Hard copies will be available in your coaches binder.  Please bring these to Uniform Pick Up Night so that parents can sign up for a night of snack.
Electronic versions (below), after the parents have signed up, please fill in the blanks and email out to your parents so they have a copy of the schedule in case they need to recall when they signed up to bring snack or they have to switch with another parent.
U4 Snack Schedule 2018 

U6 Snack Schedule 2018 


Rules: Hard copy of your division rules is included in your coaches binder.
U4 Rules 2015
U6 Rules 2015
U8 Rules 2015
U10 Rules 2015
U12, U14, U17 & U21 Rules 2018

Full Twin Rivers Rules (U12 to U21)

(copies of the schedule will be provided for coaches to hand out to the players at the Uniform Pick Up Night)
(Map - Mini Fields)

(Map - Mini Fields)
(Map - Mini Fields)
(Map - Scott Park Fields)
(Map - Scott Park Fields)
(Map - Scott Park Fields)
(Map - Scott Park Fields)
(Field Map - WRC Fields)
(Field Map - WRC Fields)
(Field Map - WRC Fields)
(Field Map - WRC Fields)
(Field Map - WRC Fields)

If you do not have a game scheduled on your regularly scheduled night, practice takes place at your assigned field. 

Team Snap - Coach/Player/Parent Communication tool

Links to videos created by Wilmot Soccer coach, Mano Watsa. 
These videos are really helpful for coaches, at all age levels prior to the first practice or two.

Writing Sports Reports


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