For Referees

Referee Meeting:



Please try to designate a bag for all of your reffing equipment, information, etc.
(you will receive a folder containing information including rules, etc. to keep in your reffing bag - these were handed out at the meeting)
It is always handy to keep a garbage bag in your reffing bag in case of rain (to
put your reffing bag in, protecting your bag from getting wet).

If you haven't confirmed your information or completed the Information Sheet, please fill it in and email to Head Referee.

You must be at least 2 years older then the age group that you are refereeing.

Please arrive at the field 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game.

Rules: Hard copy of each divisions rules is included in your referee folder.

U8 Rules

U10 Rules

U12 to U21 Rules (Twin Rivers)

Field Maps:  Hard copy of these maps are included in your referee folder.
Scott Park Fields
WRC Fields


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NOTE: The phone is not monitored as frequently during the off season.
Email is the preferred method of communication.
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